Botox vs. Filler 

Botox… Filler… What’s the difference? Which one should you pick or do you need both?


Think about a brand new flawless looking dress shirt. You know the one; the one that looks so good when you put it on in the morning yet somehow, by lunchtime, it looks like you rolled out of bed and picked the shirt up off the floor. Yep, that one.

You see this shirt is similar to our skin. At first, the shirt has no wrinkles. It looks fresh and makes you feel great. But then you move around getting ready for your day and you start to notice some little wrinkles. Nothing major, but they are there. You think to yourself, ‘maybe some wrinkle release spray could help?’ Think about all the facial movements you make. Your expressions are a good thing. They mean you have laughed, and pondered, and lived. But over time, as you make facial expressions, you may notice that you start to see lines on your skin for awhile, even after the expression has ended.

You sit in your car on the way to work; you grab your bags and lug them into your office. You sit and stand and sit and stand. By lunchtime you peek in the mirror and notice that the little wrinkles that you had noticed earlier have now turned into very noticeable creases. No amount of smoothing your shirt can fix this and you are wishing you had an iron stashed away in your desk drawer. Your face is the same. Over time, those lines that take a little longer to smooth away slowly last longer and longer. Then, before you realize it, you look in the mirror and the creases are always there. The creases are deep and no matter how you move your face they are noticeable.

understanding botox and filler

But how does this relate to Botox and filler?

Botox is like the wrinkle release spray. Botox is used to gently calm the muscles in your face. When your muscles aren’t moving as much your skin is not repetitively creasing in the same places creating lines and wrinkles. When a skilled injector administers Botox, you can still have facial expressions and an overall natural appearance. Your skin just looks a bit smoother and you are preventing those deep creases.

Think of filler as the iron. Dermal fillers, made up of a fine hyaluronic acid gel,  are used to fill in areas that are always noticeable… the creases that seem to show up over night and never leave your face. Filler can be used to add volume to many areas of the face as well, not just deep creases and lines. As we age our face changes. Collagen lessens and fat shifts. This often can leave the face looking hollow;  often times adding cheek and/or lip volume can create a more youthful appearance.

So now that you understand the basic difference, why would you use both?

Before you do not have permanently visible creases Botox should be sufficient for wrinkles and is a wonderful way to prevent those deep creases from forming. If you do have deep creases filler is a great way to minimize the appearance. But just like that shirt, if all you do is iron it before you wear it the same thing will happen every time. You can fill the lines on your face, but eventually the filler will break down (usually in 6-9 months depending on the product) and you will be back where you started. BUT, if you fill in those lines AND use Botox to prevent the muscles from creasing the skin the lines will get better and you will break the cycle.

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