Let’s Talk About Sweat…


Excessive sweating is the source of stress and often embarrassment for a lot of people (and really… it affects a lot of people, almost 8 million people in the US alone).  Often, people with hyperhydrosis find that they are applying and reapplying deodorant like chapstick, wearing special shirts to hide or mask the sweat,  and sometimes even using tissues, toilet paper, etc. to try to hide the wetness.


Let’s talk about your options….

Prescriptions (such as Drysol and Qbrexza), Botox injections, and MiraDry are the most common treatments used for hyperhydrosis of the underarms. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons to all of the options listed above.

The biggest take aways for treatment of underarm sweat are:



While cost- appealing,  Drysol’s efficacy is low. It also frequently causes skin irritation and itchiness. It also may discolor clothing. 



Qbrexza works well, if used regularly. Unfortunately, Qbrexza is expensive and often even with insurance coverage it is pricey when buying it month after month.



Botox is a great treatment option for hyperhydrosis, especially if you have insurance that will pay for some of it. The biggest downside is that you will need to get treated a few times per year which means multiple shots in each armpit during each treatment plus spending the afternoon at the doctor’s office for treatment.



MiraDry is the only treatment that provides a lifelong solution option. Most people will need one treatment though some will require two treatments. MiraDry has the highest upfront cost of the options listed though when compared to the repeat cost of the other treatments it becomes more reasonable. MiraDry does cause some soreness and swelling which most people notice for up to 2 weeks. This does not tend to impact activities or work but is worth noting.


If you are interested in learning more about hyperhydrosis the International Hyperhydrosis Society  is a great resource. If you want to learn more about getting miraDry in Pittsburgh, get more information here. 


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