November 1, 2015


Be Well Membership

You asked for it and we brought it… The Be Well program at Lamb Medical!
This program focuses on becoming the best version of yourself.

We feel strongly about supporting your overall wellness. Many factors, both physical and mental, impact your health. We know from research and years of taking care of patients just how many people struggle at times with these areas. For many, physical health (including weight) directly impacts mental health and vice versa. The Be Well program delves into overall wellness and supports your goals for physical and mental health. We pride ourselves on developing a personalized, flexible plan for each patient.

Lamb Medical is proud to announce that Allison Six, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, has joined our care team with a focus on Be Well. She comes with over a decade of experience in family medicine and psychiatric mental health, including addiction medicine. She is dual certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatric Mental Health.

Allison joins our already amazing health care team comprised of Ellie Meehl, PA-C and Colin Smith, CRNP under supervision and collaboration with Dr. Mary Lamb.  Together they will help care for you and come alongside to help you reach your goals.

This program is already open to our concierge patients and will now be open to friends and family of our Concierge practice, our Aesthetic practice, and our local community.

Services offered:

  • Mental Health assessment and plan of care, including medication management.
  • Weight Loss assistance, including injectable medications (semaglutide — Ozempic, Wegovy — and tirzepatide — Mounjaro, Zepbound) and others. We give you the support you need to use these medications safely and effectively.
  • Lifestyle evaluation and coaching – examining habits and determining where we can start to make small changes to help you reach your overall wellness goals.
  • Stress management – helping you balance all the demands of your busy life.
  • Direct access to your health care team.

Membership Cost for those not in the concierge practice:

  • Initial visit fee $250
  • Monthly fee $125/month
  • Additional fees specific to weight loss medications if desired (applies to concierge patients as well). Total monthly cost of using these medications ranges from $120-$600/mo depending on dose and frequency of use.

For those considering membership, please send an email indicating your interest through our “Get in Touch” form here.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Family Medicine Membership

The concierge practice is currently full and has an ever-growing waiting list. Please call the office for more information if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.

Membership Costs

Each patient pays a monthly or yearly membership fee, based on their age, which enables the practice to limit the number of patients and provide more personalized services. Lamb Medical offers a concierge medicine model, which means we collect only the monthly fee. This fee will cover all of the Family Medicine services provided by our office as outlined.

  • 24/7 Access to your Physician via cell, text, or email
  • Executive Style Annual Physicals
  • Well child care at age-appropriate intervals for children
  • Same or next Business Day Appointments
  • Online Medical Records
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • In Office Testing
  • Coordination of Health Care Services

Electronic Communication

Lamb Medical uses Elation Passport and state-of-the-art electronic medical record that provides a patient portal and provides email communication for test results, routine questions, medication refills, and scheduling. For more information about these communication tools, please click the link below:

Elation Passport