AgeJet is a dramatically different, safe, and FDA-cleared skin resurfacing procedure for the face, neck, décolletage, hands, body and external vaginal area.

It resurfaces the FULL surface of the skin, treating many common concerns such as:

  • Loose and crepe eyelid skin (upper and lower)
  • Fine lines
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Uneven pigmentation, age spots, and freckles
  • Skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation
  • Photodamage and age spots
  • Poor skin tone and texture
  • Active acne and acne scars
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Actinic keratosis and seborrheic keratosis
  • Cherry angiomas, xanthomas, xanthelasma, solar lentigo, and benign moles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars, including Cesarean, breast implant, and acne
  • External vaginal rejuvenation

Just one AgeJet treatment will significantly improve skin quality. It is unique in its ability to safely treat the upper and lower eyelids resulting it what many people describe as a “non-surgical blepharoplasty”. Unlike laser procedures which require corneal shields, the plasma energy delivered to the eyelid tissue does not penetrate through to the eye, making this procedure incredibly safe all the way up to the eyelash margin. The results are consistent and dramatic leaving you with a natural more refreshed appearance.

How does it work?

AgeJET converts medical-grade nitrogen gas into nitrogen plasma. It channels plasma thermal energy through controlled pulses that quickly and gently heat the skin tissue. The thermal energy is conducted via water in the tissue to the deep layers of the skin. This unique form of energy allows controlled rapid heating over treatment areas, stimulating collagen remodeling and restoring skin elasticity—all while leaving the overlying epidermis intact. The treated skin creates a natural dressing and optimal healing conditions.

AgeJet treats the entire structure of your skin. Other technologies target certain parts of your skin. Because PlasmaResurfacing treats all of your skin, your wrinkles, elasticity, scars, pigmentation, and more can be simultaneously treated by this one device.

During your treatment, the surface of the skin is heated up with a device that delivers energy pulses that appear to singe the skin’s surface. Immediately after the treatment, your face appears red and then it will change to brown over a few days and a thin layer will peel off. AgeJet preserves the skin’s outer layer which acts as a natural protective dressing until your new healthy skin forms over 7-10 days. A few days after treatment, a new epidermal layer reveals itself with dramatically improved tone, texture, and laxity. Surface improvements appear quickly and deep dermal collagen remodeling continues for months to years. The treatment takes just an hour but the results continue to last as your collagen continues to remodel.

Is this treatment right for me?

Take a moment to review the before and after photos in our gallery which show patient results after just one treatment. Pay particular attention to the upper and lower eyelid tightening, the clarity of the skin pigmentation, and the improvement in the overall appearance of the patients. Bring back your natural youthful look with this comfortable treatment addressing common aging skin conditions. Look revitalized with long lasting healthier and smoother skin. Flexible setting controls give patients the results they want with the downtime that fits their lifestyle.

Post-treatment care or downtime?

Depending on the strength of the treatment, and how well your skin is previously conditioned the downtime will vary. Your treatment skin will be pink or red and may feel warm like a sunburn for several hours. Prior to leaving the office, a layer of rejenerative cooling exosomes (LINK HERE TO EXOSOMES PAGE) will be applied to your treated skin. Treated skin will be fagile. Treat it gently. It is important not to pick at your skin during the process. You may see a “bronzing effect” which will disappear within a few days. It is typical for a patient to experience 4 to 10 days of social downtime, but you are able to wear make up the following day. Shaving will depend on skin’s results and strength of the treatment. Although there are no open wounds, the higher energy treatments may cause skin to peel significantly for several days after treatment. Your skin will feel dry and tight so applying high quality exosomes and a high quality moisturizer and important to speed healing and recovery.

How long until I see results?

Immediately, you will see tiger skin over the treated area. Over several weeks to months, new skin surfaces as regenerative effects progress.

How long will results last?

Results will vary depending on your skin condition and the intensity of treatments. Clinical studies have shown that new collagen growth can occur for more than a year after treatment so results are long lasting.

How many treatments will I need?

Your treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation. We base our recommendations based on your goals, comfortable with energy level, desired degree of downtime, areas to be treated, and the condition of your skin prior to treatment. Generally 1 to 6 treatments are recommended 4 to 6 weeks apart.

How should I prepare for treatment?


-Avoid sun exposure and self-tanner for one to two weeks before treatment.
-Avoid using exfoliates (exfoliating cleansers or scrubs, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, bleaching creams, retinoids or other treatments that remove the outermost part of the skin) for one week prior to treatment.
-Please cancel your appointment if you think you may be pregnant.
-For patients with a history of cold sores- Start prescription Valtrex prior to your treatment. Please let our office know if you would like Dr. Lamb to write you a prescription for Valtrex.
-Please let Dr. Lamb or your provider if you have any permanent tattoos in the treatment area.
-Thick facial hair in the treatment are (excluding eyebrows but including pubic hair if external vaginal area is being treated) should be shaved prior to treatment. Men should shave prior to treatment.

What can I expect the day of treatment?

-Photos will be taken, and a topical anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area.
-Jewelry, contacts, and glasses may need to be removed before treatment.

A topical anesthetic may be applied to your skin for 30-60 minutes but is not necessary for lighter treatment settings or for certain areas of the body.

The procedure itself will take 15-45 minutes depending on the areas treated.

What can I expect after my treatment?

With low settings, there is no significant downtime with AgeJET, but you can have 3-10 days of downtime with medium to intense treatments. Light to moderate erythema, or redness, is expected after the treatment and should subside within 3-10 days. Patients have peeling of the skin or dryness, depending on the intensity of the treatment.
-You may have red spotting that will change to brown and peel off over 7 days OR you may have no spots at all. Everyone’s skin is different!
-Make-up may be applied as early as the next morning after your treatment.
-For the first 24 hours after your Age Jet treatment your skin will be more absorptive so keep post care simple. Rinse with cool water and use gentle cleanser moisturizer daily.
-Avoid using ice packs to optimize treatment results.
-Gentle skin care products should be used for the first week following treatment (such as, ZO cleanser, Hydrate moisturizer and sunscreen). You may resume your pretreatment skincare routine 7-10 days after your treatment.

The reviews are in, and industry experts all agree: AgeJET is the future of skin beautification! Achieve the beautiful, glowing skin and results that only AgeJET’s powerful nitrogen plasma energy can deliver. Schedule your AgeJET treatment today!