Hyperhydrosis Treatment Pittsburgh

Let's Talk About Sweat...   Excessive sweating is the source of stress and often embarrassment for a lot of people (and really... it affects a lot of people, almost 8 million people in the US alone).  Often, people with hyperhydrosis find that they are applying...

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Latisse- Let’s talk lashes

Let's Talk Lashes Latisse... Grande Lash... Rodan + Fields Lash Boost...   There are so many option! Is it worth the money? Does it actually work? Full, long, thick lashes are all the rage, and we agree, we love them! You want longer, thicker lashes and aren't...

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Botox vs Filler

Botox vs. Filler  Botox… Filler… What’s the difference? Which one should you pick or do you need both?   Think about a brand new flawless looking dress shirt. You know the one; the one that looks so good when you put it on in the morning yet somehow, by...

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Sunscreen vs SPF Moisturizer

SUNSCREEN VS. MOISTURIZER WITH SPF We have all been there, staring at the endless aisle of skincare trying to decide what will work best. We know that sunscreen is important, but now so many products list an SPF. Is that good enough? can we just use our moisturizer...

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