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What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is a unique way to encourage increased healing using your own immune system. Platelets, which are found within your blood, contain important proteins and growth factors which helps encourage healing and increased collagen formation within your body. PRP is a way to take your own blood, extract the platelets and then reintroduce the platelets directly to the area you are working to stimulate natural healing and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions-

How are the platelets collected?

PRP is really easy for the patient because your platelets are collected from an easy blood draw. We then take the blood and use a device called a centrifuge which allows the platelets to separate from the red blood cells. 

How is PRP used ?

PRP can be applied topically, directly onto the skin like a serum. At Lamb Medical &Aesthetics we have seen amazing results applying topical PRP to the skin as part of the microneedling procedure to intensify the effect.

PRP can also be injected into the skin- it can be injected under the eyes to improve the appearance of bags and dark circles, into the scalp to promote hair growth. PRP injections are also being used in orthopedic medicine for join injuries. 

Is PRP Safe?

Yes. Because the plasma being used is your own there is no risk of disease transmission. One of the many benefits of Lamb Medical & Aesthetics is that you are receiving medical grade procedures in a comfortable and relaxing setting. This means that we draw blood regularly for varied patient concerns in a sterile environment using utmost care.  You will never need to worry about the cleanliness or safety of our techniques. 

Is PRP new? 

No. PRP was first used in the 1980s to encourage healing after cardiac surgery. It then became common in dental medicine and since has filtered into other forms of medicine.


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