miraDry: The anti-sweat solution better than deodorant, Botox, and surgery

Sweating is one of those facts of life: We all do it, but no one likes it. But while sweating is a minor inconvenience for some, it can be detrimental for others, negatively impacting their confidence and making daily tasks and activities challenging and embarrassing. For these individuals, sweating isn’t just a nuisance but a burden. It’s a barrier to the life they’ve always wanted. 

Some remedies, such as invasive procedures like Sympathectomy, require surgery that cuts the sweat gland nerves, which is a massive undertaking. Botox is a valid treatment, but it has to be repeated every three to six months and is painful and expensive. Although there are easy and classic solutions like deodorant, they often prove ineffective for those struggling with severe sweating. Deodorant quickly wears off and requires consistent reapplication, and prescription deodorants often irritate the underarm. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or tedious to care for sweating and help patients feel comfortable in their skin. That’s why we offer miraDry, the FDA-approved laser treatment for permanently reducing sweat, odor, and hair from the underarms. 

Who should get miraDry? 

Almost anyone can be a candidate for miraDry, although adolescents who have yet to experience puberty should wait for treatment. The people who experience the most significant impact from miraDry are those with hyperhidrosis. Typically, people sweat to cool the body and maintain an average core temperature. You’ll sweat to cause temperature regulation. But people with hyperhidrosis excessively sweat, often in conditions not for cooling purposes. And more people than you might think experience symptoms – the National Institute of Health reports hyperhidrosis is significantly underreported in patients and underdiagnosed by doctors. 

This condition is especially starting to affect teenagers. Nearly 20% of all teenagers sweat excessively, according to the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) 2017 Annual Meeting. And that’s why miraDry is gaining traction in this age group. Sweat and odor can demoralize adolescents, causing embarrassment and decreased confidence. But miraDry has proven to be life-changing for this age group, improving their physical conditions, self-esteem, and mental health. 

What to expect with miraDry 

To prepare for miraDry, patients are asked to shave their underarms approximately five days before the procedure  – a little hair growth is required, but not so much that it impairs the field of work. At the start of a miraDry appointment, we conduct a starch iodine test to determine where sweating is maximized in the underarm. This also serves as a baseline, so if someone does want a second treatment, you can determine how much the first procedure reduced the perspiration. It’s interesting – sometimes people will return for a second appointment feeling like they’re sweating, but miraDry helped with an 85% reduction. Although, there might be a small, precise location where sweating continues. A second treatment helps with full coverage and an increase to >90% reduction of sweat. 

After the baseline is complete, patients undergo a numbing process under the arm. Patients might be uncomfortable during this part, but pushing delicate nerves away from the treatment zone with anesthesia is a necessary safety practice. As the leading provider of miraDry in the Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia region, we have abundant resources at Lamb Medical to alleviate discomfort and help make the process a breeze. 

miraDry utilizes thermal energy to eliminate the underarms sweat glands that do not grow back. The handpiece used for miraDry is a suction device that brings skin into the right plane and directly delivers energy to the sweat and odor glands, rendering them functionless. The technology is just thermally not “killing” but “changing” the sweat glands to not overproduce sweat. Hair follicles run near the sweat and odor glands; thus, after treatment, hair reduction under the arms is also common.

All in all, miraDry only takes approximately an hour. And although afterward, patients might experience a day or two of discomfort or swelling (nothing some icing and ibuprofen can’t fix), the results are immediate. miraDry works immediately – you will leave your appointment without sweat and odor and never have to worry about making sure you’re carrying your deodorant again. 

That’s why miraDry is so revolutionizing – it allows patients to move throughout their day without thinking about consequences like odor or pit stains. miraDry patients leave their procedures more confident, ready to take on the world. If you think you might be ready to try miraDry, please reach out to us online or call us at 724-969-LAMB (5262) for a free consultation.