Sofwave: The solution that helps you look the age you feel

We’ve said it before: People always seek ways to look younger. Although, data reveals it’s not just about appearing youthful but the age you perceive yourself to be. A study from Duke University showed that most people over 40 feel 20% younger than their actual age. So what happens when the way you look in the mirror doesn’t reflect the age you feel?  

While prevention methods, such as sun protection, are always best practices, some aging will still occur no matter how much SPF you apply. For years, patients relied on Botox and filler to bridge the gap between how old they feel, how old they look, and how old they truly are. And while those are still viable options, it’s not always the right solution for full-face rejuvenation. Botox smooths lines and wrinkles, and filler softens shadows and spaces that occur with aging features. But what can offer a different type of rejuvenation? What can unlock your body’s potential to reverse aging and stimulate your own collagen again? Lamb Medical is thrilled to be one of the first in the Pittsburgh area to offer Sofwave. There’s a reason someone like Sarah Jessica Parker advocates for Sofwave—the anti-aging solution helps you look and feel like you again, naturally and without risk or consequences.

What is Sofwave? 

Think of a baby’s soft, plushy, perfect skin—it’s all thanks to abundant collagen. Unfortunately, the older you get, the more collagen you lose. Collagen is difficult to replace and a primary contributor to an aging appearance. That’s why Sofwave is so revolutionary. Those seeking anti-aging solutions but worried about potential side effects will be reassured that Sofwave isn’t introducing anything into your skin but merely stimulating your body to produce more collagen – the structural protein you have always had. Because Sofwave uses sonographic energy that regenerates collagen under the skin, the skin, in turn, is wholly rejuvenated. The production of new collagen tightens and lifts the skin, reversing the sagging and wrinkle creases we know too well. A few months after Sofwave, patients will look in the mirror and see someone they used to know rather than someone different. Sofwave naturally and gracefully dials back the years—patients look like a refreshed younger version of themselves that other procedures can’t accomplish. Over time, more collagen helps with skin resiliency, making the skin less susceptible to trauma and further aging.  

Why Sofwave? 

Some may be thinking Sofwave sounds similar to Ultherapy. While both treatments aim to target the same areas, Ultherapy uses a deeper treatment setting with the potential to damage nerves. Sofwave, however, reaches collagen differently, with no risk of nerve damage. And although Sofwave does cause discomfort, it’s far less painful than Ultherapy. 

Sofwave’s FDA-approved technology, Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™,  reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lifts the eyebrows, neck, and submental area, usually in just one session. Although, older patients may want to return for a follow-up in 6-8 weeks. Patients can get maintenance treatments to maintain their results, usually yearly or every few years.  Sofwave also does more than just anti-aging. Sofwave’s precise technology is also ideal for those with genetic susceptibility, such as jowls. Additionally, Sofwave is an FDA-approved treatment for cellulite appearance. To clarify, cellulite isn’t fat, but there’s always been a stigma around cellulite in the beauty world. Cellulite is actually the degeneration of the bands holding the fat. When that skin starts to sag, it’s allowing the fat to be visible. Sofwave tightens those bands, softening the appearance of cellulite. 

Sofwave treats any and all skin types with zero downtime. There are no marks to hide from or explain away, which can be particularly beneficial for people with busy schedules or who might be more private about anti-aging. One of the greatest benefits of Sofwave is that it usually takes six to sixteen weeks to show results. Sure, patients might want to appear younger as soon as possible, but more importantly, they don’t want to look drastically different than they did yesterday. Sofwave gradually reveals progress, helping people look younger over time rather than overnight. 

At Lamb Medical, we’re committed to using the latest technology and treatments to help our patients find confidence in their appearance. But most importantly, we’re committed to helping patients feel their best. The emotional benefits to Sofwave are astronomical—patients not only look better but feel better in their skin. Sofwave sparks motivation in patients to take better care of themselves, such as a greater desire to exercise or improve their social lives. And it’s likely because they finally look as young as they feel. If you’re curious about receiving a natural and innovative anti-aging treatment, contact us online or at 724-969-LAMB (5262) for a free consultation.