Be Well will help you become your best self

It’s time to enter our self-care era. As mental health becomes less taboo, more people feel empowered to seek treatment to improve their mental well-being and become the best version of themselves. So why is finding the right therapist, psychologist, or mental health provider so challenging? Demand for these services is so high that, unfortunately, 60% of psychologists were unable to accept new patients in 2022, according to the American Psychology Association

Lamb Medical was founded to help people feel and look their best, and our most recent offering, Be Well, is an extension of that mission. We believe everyone has the right to be the best version of themselves, and we’re here to help make that a reality by improving access to mental health treatment in our community. 

Be Well is comprehensive care, meaning we consider how physical and mental health are closely intertwined. In case you didn’t know, physical health affects mental health, and vice versa. In addition to a full mental health evaluation, we examine medical problems, family health history, and any underlying illnesses that could contribute to psychiatric symptoms. Through lab work, a physical exam, and questionnaires that help us better understand our patients’ mental and emotional health, we determine a personalized, flexible care plan custom to each patient’s individual needs. This process also allows us to prescribe medicine as quickly as possible for those who need it most. 

What makes Be Well unique is how the program differs from the current psychology industry. Most individuals are familiar with the cycle of paying high amounts for each appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist or struggle with delays in getting an appointment or receiving their medication. We understand that mental health care comes with urgency, so our membership model provides immediate availability to the care you need – a monthly fee covers every service provided in the Be Well practice, including communication. You won’t be charged for every little interaction, and you won’t be ignored; instead, you’ll have full access to your health team and the ability to reach out when needed. 

We deeply care about our patients, which is why we do more than just determine a diagnosis. In addition to traditional mental health care, Be Well comes with lifestyle coaching and stress management so our patients feel supported with every incremental step toward their wellness goals. And since Be Well is focused on keeping both your brain and body healthy, our team will include guidance on diet and exercise in your personal care plan. If right for you, we will help you find proper weight loss assistance. Medication can be run through insurance, and if not covered, injectable weight loss medication (semaglutide; brand names Ozempic, Wegovy) and tirzepatide (brand names Mounjaro, Zepbound) are available for purchase at the office. 

Spearheading the program is the newest member of the Lamb Medical team, Allison Six, who brings over 17 years of family care experience to the practice. Certified as both a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Alison knows the best way to care for patients is to get to know and understand them. We’re also thrilled our team members Colin Smith and Ellie Meehl are part of the Be Well team. 

Are you ready to live your best life? Set up a free consultation by reaching out to us online or at 724-969-LAMB (5262).